A Family-Friendly Meal: Corn & Bacon Fritters with Guacamole


I know, I know. I have been awful with posting recipes over here. We haven’t been cooking very many exciting dishes, and so I have been rather uninspired in writing down our recipes. Besides, M is the whizz in the kitchen and he NEVER works with recipes (which is annoying because YOUR WIFE RUNS A FOOD BLOG YO!), if he even has the time to whip something up. He likes to say that he cooks with his heart and judging by what I have been fed with, I’d say that he is dammmnnnn right because the man I love is still cooking his way to MY heart!

But this week, being the less talented half, I redeem myself in the kitchen with a family-friendly and downright delicious meal. Corn & Bacon Fritters with Guacamole, anyone? It’s too easy to prepare and versatile enough to experiment with for your tasting pleasures. I was really delighted to have contributed this recipe as a guest writer over at A Dollop Of Me, a beautiful family blog run by one of the most inspiring mothers I know, Corsage. I love to read her musings on parenting and life, which often have me nodding at every word she says, and for the foodies in you, she writes a series, Kitchen Exploits, which is such a joy to follow! Grab your cookies, brew a nice cuppa and hop on over now for a satisfying read!

Check out what’s cooking in my kitchen!

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3 thoughts on “A Family-Friendly Meal: Corn & Bacon Fritters with Guacamole

  1. thefashionpage

    didn’t know u run a good blog! ! so pretty! Keep it up n inspire me more (ps: sry if this is a repeat… ain’t sure if my previous comment was recorded.
    www. themishmashmess. blogspot.com


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