The Mama with Makeup

Faith responds to simple prompts and it’s been humbling to watch her grow from a baby who does nothing but stare into space and flail her arms, to a toddler who, well, responds!

This afternoon, we were lazing in bed…

Me: Faith, kiss Mama, please?

She picked up my phone.

Me: Faith, kiss Mama, please?

She continued to fiddle with my phone.

Me: Faith, can you kiss Mama, please?

The little imp then surprised me, by planting three big kisses on the screen of the phone, complete with smooching sounds!

201304 Family Photoshoot 2

Well, I guess she prefers to give her first (voluntary) kiss to The Mama with Makeup, who graces the (silver) screen, as opposed to the banshee lying next to her…

Tsk tsk.


4 thoughts on “The Mama with Makeup

  1. Joanne


    Faith is surely a cutie. She is so sweet!!

    Btw, read your blog posts that you bake. Would you mind telling me what is the model of the oven that you are using? Any recommendations for ovens too?:) thanks in advance!! I love readin your blog. Blog more:-)


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