GIVEAWAY! Gorgeous Designer Labels in a ‘Get Me Started’ Pack from Child Label


Thank you all for taking part in the giveaway! Congratulations, Sue (hs******! You have won the ‘Get Me Started’ Sticker Pack! Child Label will be in touch with you shortly.

[SPONSORED POST* – GIVEAWAY details in this post] Parents endeavour to give their children the very best, and I am no exception. As a mother to a little girl, I am always on the lookout for quality clothes, toys, books, foods and other knick-knacks.

In the series ‘I Have My Eye On‘, I share my favourite finds for my daughter.


201405 ChildLabel 2

Before Faith started pre-school, I didn’t bother putting labels on her belongings. We were fairly disciplined in shopping for her, and she didn’t amass too many things. Besides, she is the only kid at home, so ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ is definitely hers, and so is that hot pink straw bottle. We don’t meet that many people at a go for playdates too, so nothing ever gets into the wrong diaper bag. Now that she has started going to school, there is obviously a need to label her belongings so nothing gets lost or mixed up with her classmates’. After all, Mama wouldn’t be around to watch her things like a hawk.

201405 ChildLabel 3

Truth be told, I planned to scribble her name on scraps of masking tape, or simply ink her water bottle, snack box and what-not with a permanent marker. I have seen too many kids toting around stuff with peeling and scratched labels that have seen better days, and I didn’t believe in spending on something that would fall apart too quickly with everyday wear and tear. I mean, her stuff is going to get washed after every use, why bother with poor-quality labels that you pay for, when you can fashion equally poor-quality (albeit much uglier) ones out of masking tape or live with my fabulous scrawl on plastic (which can’t be a bad thing now that I am picking up modern calligraphy, riiiigghhht?)?

201405 ChildLabel 4I WAS SO WRONG. Wrong in that amazing labels that look good do exist! When Daphne of award-winning parenting blog Mother, Inc., also part of the trio behind Child Label, approached me for a review, I was somewhat skeptical. How could labels not budge when they weather that much abuse? Water, detergent, itchy fingers, scratches, knocks and bumps. How?!! I told Daphne that I would have to give them a really good run before letting her know my thoughts on the labels. So I waited, and waited, until Faith started going to school in late March this year.

201405 ChildLabel 5

I slapped the stickers on things like her water bottle, snack box and folders. And I stuck the iron-on labels (which are super easy to apply, by the way) onto her school uniforms and even a somewhat heat-proof smooth patch that I found on her schoolbag. Two months have gone by and NOTHING HAS BUDGED. Nary a scratch or a corner threatening to peel. The stickers and iron-on labels remain colourfast. The stickers retain the glossy surfaces even after so many washes. I tried to pick at them and scratch them, but nope, they are good as new (even though Child Label says the labels might be vulnerable to constant picking). Some sorcery must have gone into them, but I don’t really care at this point, because they do a kick-ass job of keeping Faith’s things organised, and that’s all that matters!

201405 ChildLabel 1

The best part is the labels are gorgeous and come in every permutation that one needs – different designs (all are super adorable and none are kitschy at all! We selected ‘GIrl Patterns’, one without any graphics, as Faith’s interests has been evolving rather quickly, and one ‘Give Me Everything’ pack has 130 freaking pretty mint, pale yellow and pink labels, so these are going to last her through to when she starts primary school, I reckon.), shapes (circle and rectangle), name/book/birthday labels depending on the occasion you need them for, and you can have English and Chinese characters printed on them as well (I didn’t show the Chinese ones in this post but we have them, and they look really good!). You can select from a couple of fonts for the English text too, and we went for American Typewriter for the cleanest look. Of course, S$50 might seem a lot of money to spend on labels, but given that the pack contains 130 labels, each cutie only works out to about S$0.38, and that is insanely good value-for-money, given how durable each label is! I highly recommend these labels to anyone who is looking to organise their children’s stuff for home, school, play, anything! Faith seems to think that it’s funny to stick ’em labels on my forehead, but whatever floats your boat (of course, this is the only instance when I’m thankful that the labels don’t adhere permanently to my skin, that would be utterly disastrous).


Here’s your chance to get into some sticky business! Win a ‘Get Me Started’ pack, which contains a mind-boggling total of 86 labels, including 32 x Small Rectangle Sticker Labels, 14 x Circle Sticker Labels, and 40 x Rectangle Iron Ons, valued at S$30. Enter the giveaway HERE! Certain steps can be done once a day, for every day of the giveaway, so don’t forget to check back to get more entries into the draw!

Thank you, Child Label!

* I was gifted a ‘Give Me Everything’ Pack (worth S$50) for the purpose of this review. A ‘Get Me Started’ Pack (worth S$30) will also be sponsored by Childlabel for the winner of this giveaway. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Sponsors have been notified that I am not obliged to write a review upon receipt of sponsored service/items, should I find the products/services unsuitable.

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