GIVEAWAY! Yamatoya Norsta Desk & Chair Set Worth S$158

Parents endeavour to give their children the very best, and I am no exception. As a mother to baby Faith, I am always on the lookout for quality clothes, toys, books, foods and other knick-knacks.

In the series ‘I Have My Eye On‘, I share my favourite finds for my little girl.


[SPONSORED POST* – GIVEAWAY details in this post] Now, you have heard the story of how Faith has gone all Picasso on us, and how Fairy Godmother aka Yamatoya Singapore heard our cries for THE desk & chair set that would grow with Faith. Well, Santa must think we have been really nice this season, because we have been gifted another desk & chair set, this time, the Norsta (in White), waaaaaay head of Christmas this year! You know what this means, don’t you? Yamatoya Singapore is giving one of you a Norsta desk & chair set too! Before you get all too excited, I thought you might want to know what we think of the Norsta and how it compares to the Buono Amice.

The Norsta is a real lightweight beauty; it is made of 100% pine wood, as opposed to the Buono Amice which is constructed out of 100% rubber wood, and is much lighter and more portable. Being lighter than the Buono Amice, naturally, it can only bear weight up to 30kg, which is still a reasonable number because this set is suitable for kids of up to 5 years old. Despite being very light, the set is rather stable; the legs of the tables and chairs are strong and sturdy. The only downside of it being lighter than the Buono Amice, is that Faith accidentally shifts the set if she leans her weight on either piece of furniture when she is standing against it. I noticed, though, she quickly learns that she shouldn’t lean against the set if she wants the set to stay put, so that isn’t a huge problem for us. We chose the set in White, which means the writing surface, back rest and seat of the chair are in white. The combination of the natural colour of pine wood and the white parts lends a bright addition to the furniture in our home; I actually love these colours more than the rubber wood on the Buono Amice! 


The Norsta is also designed in Japan and manufactured in Indonesia and boasts superior carpentry that works to enhance the safety of the set. The edges are all nicely buffed and very smooth; there are no sharp corners that may hurt a child. As with the Buono Amice, the screws are all deep-set and there aren’t any protruding metal bits that may cut or snag when one runs their fingers over the set. Similar to the Buono Amice, the built-in drawer has a stopper within to prevent children from pulling the entire entity out.


This set grows well with the child too. The desk is adjustable at three levels, and the chair at two (note that the Buono Amice has three settings for the chair). Unfortunately, Faith is still a little short for the lowest height on the Norsta chair; as you can see from the photos, her feet do not rest flat on the floor. Yamatoya suggests the Norsta for children from the ages of 8 months to 5 years, but I reckon your child needs to have pretty long legs to sit comfortably on the chair when it’s at its lowest setting. Not that this is a major problem, as we all know, children grow up much too quickly and soon enough, Faith will be sitting in the chair with her feet flat on the floor!


As for the useable space on the Norsta, it does seem smaller than the Buono Amice at first glance but if you look carefully, this is also because the Norsta desk does not have any space designated for the trinkets like those on the Buono Amice. I would say the areas of useable writing surfaces on both sets are about the same. The Norsta also has a rather spacious drawer to keep your child’s writing materials out of sight when the set is not in use, and this is always a lovely feature for all you clutter-phobes.

I was also surprised to learn that the Norsta is even easier to assemble than the Buono Amice. I spent less than 15 minutes on my own, and all the parts are simply put together with the supplied screws and an allen key. It helps that the parts are much lighter than those in the Buono Amice set. Even Faith had a go at tightening the screws on the Norsta!

I am keeping the Norsta set for when Faith is a little older, as her feet aren’t quite resting on the floor when she sits on the chair at the lowest setting; I reckon this set will be perfect for her in another six months’ time. I love that the set is very light and portable, and when Faith is older, she can move the desk and chair around on her own to whereever she likes when she wants to do some colouring or reading. In fact, she loves to move the chair to where the television is now, so she gets to watch from the comfort of her very own ‘throne’ when she gets a TV treat from us!

We are very spoilt for choice with the Buono Amice and Norsta at home. I would say, while the two sets are a little different, both have met my requirements in terms of (adult-friendly) appearance, safety, longevity (grows with the child!) and functionality. We feel the same way about the SukusukuES high chair as well, and are very impressed by the range of good-quality products that Yamatoya has to offer. Suffice to say that it is one of our favourite to-go brands now for children’s furniture, and I hope they keep up the good work of filling that gap in the market!


If you’re interested to have a look at the set up-close before purchasing it, I’d highly recommend you to drop by the Yamatoya Singapore booth at the SUPERMOM BAZAAR at Suntec City Hall 401-404 from 22-24 August 2014. As Yamatoya Singapore does not have a physical retail store or stockists, this is a great opportunity for you to have a look at the Norsta set, Buono Amice and other products (we love the SukusukuES high chair too, which we have given away a few months ago!) at a central location in Singapore!


Now, Yamatoya has kindly sponsored one Norsta Desk & Chair set to a lucky reader of mine (you have to be based in Singapore as Yamatoya does not deliver internationally). It comes with 1 desk and 1 chair, a built in drawer, and the tools required for assembly. Delivery is provided free-of-charge as well! What are you waiting for? Enter the giveaway here. Some steps can be done once a day, so don’t forget to check back to get more entries into the draw!

Terms and Conditions of the giveaway:

– One winner will be randomly selected to receive the Norsta Desk & Chair Set; choice of colour depends on availability.
– Giveaway is only open to those based in Singapore.
– Free delivery within Singapore; assembly service of the set is not provided.
– Yamatoya Singapore will contact the winner after the giveaway closes.


*I was gifted one Yamatoya Norsta Desk & Chair Set to review, and another set worth S$158 to give away to a lucky reader. No monetary gift was received. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and written according to my experience in using the products. Sponsors have been notified that I am not obliged to write a review upon receipt of sponsored items, should I find the products unsuitable.

You can now shop online at Yamatoya Singapore!

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