Designer Bags for Cheaps Up On My Shop

Hello everyone! Apologies for the radio silence here; I have been busy de-cluttering our home now that the end of year is here and am pretty overwhelmed by the mammoth task! A lovely outcome is that I have been giving away some stuff and selling some others for cheaps, so the hoarder in me feels better on seeing my pre-loved items go to better homes. Over here, I am offering some designer bags (all in excellent condition as they are barely used/never been used) at massively discounted prices. Think Kate Spade diaper bag for S$260 (down from S$600+) and Salvatore Ferragamo bags for S$700-800 (purchased at S$2300-2500) each. Please hop on over here to have a look! If you know someone who might be interested, or if you are keen to get hold of almost-brand-new bags for cheaps, please let me know at beapleasuremonger AT gmail DOT com. Thank you!

The de-cluttering is still work-in-progress, so watch this space!


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