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Chilli Crab + Xiao Long Bao

When there isn’t enough time or tummy space to accomodate the meals you’d like to have, bear in mind that there are solutions to this problem.

Din Tai Fung Chilli Crab XLB

Din Tai Fung came to my rescue with their chilli crab xiao long bao, saving me the trouble of actually having chilli crab on one part of the island, and xiao long bao on the other. GREAT!

They were surprisingly very good, with copious amounts of chilli crab-flavoured gravy and and generous fillings of minced pork and shreds of crab. Delish.

P/S: I think Citibank has a promotion, a portion of 4 costs S$6 with the Citibank credit card.

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That Crazy Thing I Did: Chapter Xiao Long Bao

How wretched is my life in London without decent xiao long baos?

I was craving these soupy, meaty babies a while back, sooooo  incredibly badly that one Saturday, I rummaged my pantry for flour, minced pork, Chinese lettuce yada yada and decided to make xiao long baos. Pronto. Without a trusty recipe, and with a hell lot of guts.

There are currently two food items that I consider treacherous in my culinary experiments – macaron, that goes without saying, and xiao long bao.

These dumplings are expected to pack lots of flavour in that one little dome of meat, ooze a dam of sweet-savoury liquid velvety goodness, and mind you, they have to be contained in the thinnest of pouches to be even considered decent. An impossible feat, if you ask me. I must have been crazy when I decided to make them, but that’s what living in a foreign land does to a foodie, it drives you to desperation and forces you to create miracles in your kitchen.

Xiao Long Bao Strike 1

I spent, I don’t know, two hours, trying to make 40 of these bloody baos. Making the dough wasn’t difficult. Making a good dough that rolled out thinly (think less than a millimetre…) was extremely tough. Getting the meats to fit inside the wrappers wasn’t rocket science. Trying to pleat the wrapper into nice folds was ARGH. The F word wasn’t far from my lips (and I don’t like to spew vulgarities), until I went on Youtube to look for a ‘How to pleat xiao long bao’ video, which saved my husband from my wrath.

Xiao Long Bao Strike 1

Or so M thought. When the baos came out of the steamer and I took the first bite, I wanted to kill, seriously. I had already pummelled and pulled the dough so thinly, and you, damn skin, are still playing coy, thick and rubbery?! At least the meat was good, that was a saving grace.

Until I find the inner xiao long bao peace, I’ll leave it at Strike One, get my fill in Singapore when I return (which is really really soon!), and then come back with a vengeance for Strike Two.

Sorry there isn’t a recipe here. The skin was inedible and I don’t think anyone should try what I did at home.

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