Using My Content

Thank you for wanting to use/feature my content, I’m very flattered that this has caught your eye (well, flattered only if you’re using it in a praise-sort-of-way rather than flaming me and my blog *winks*).

A lot of work and thought have gone into this blog and I hope you understand why I have placed a copyright notice on The Pleasure Monger and all content written herein. But I’m not really a monster who hogs everything, so I’d just like to say that I would be happy for my pictures, text excerpts, recipes etc to be used on your material on three conditions listed below.

1. A written permission has been obtained from me to use my content on a specified set of materials on said occasion. If you would like to use it on another occasion and/or on another set of materials, please contact me again.

2. It is used within reasonable context within that specified set of materials on said occasion.

3. Please do link the source of the extracted content back to my homepage or to the particular post that the content is lifted from.

If you’re just linking back to this blog without using any of the content, please let me know as well..I’m only willing to have my link put up on family-friendly sites!

Thank you!


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